5 Tips To Throw The Ultimate Flat-Warming Party

Your friends are free. The fridge is full. The scene is set for a party like no other. To throw a house-warming that’ll really get people talking, though, it’s useful to think about how a true party maestro might kick off the celebrations.

Take the 530 King Street boys: all they had was a student house, decks, speakers, and the guts to take a chance. They brought it all together to host legendary nights for the best part of half a decade.

Need some inspiration as you prepare to christen your new student flat share? Read our five steps to a house-warming for the history books…

1. Form an unforgettable music line-up

Music can make or break a party. So ask around for friends (or friends of friends) to DJ at your house. Mix up playlists and actual live sets for a killer setup in the living room. Organise a set list in advance, and you’ll have no downtime between songs.

If your tastes run towards bands and singers, there will surely be a group of musicians on campus who can ‘headline’ your party soundtrack – maybe in exchange for some plus-ones and a share of the beer. But don’t limit yourself: one playlist can even battle with another for the top spot, judged by the crowd’s reactions on the night.

2. Create a games den

Set one room aside for all the half-cut games you could ever hope to play in one night. Beer pong is a classic choice, but what about Flip Cup? Ring of Fire? Twister, with a shot downed every time someone hits the wrong part of the mat?

Either way, make it an environment that keeps the energy high. Set up a table in the middle of the space. Pull a sofa or a few chairs to the side for any observers. Maybe have a score chart so you can keep a record of who did what, as well as any forfeits.   

3. Ramp up the appropriate invites   

We suggest you don’t advertise the party on social media. Why? Because it’s better to welcome guests in waves than have them all arrive at once, or watch people leave because it’s too empty. Ideally you want a constant flow of arrivals. So tweak the start time for every invitee.

Think like a club promoter: stagger your times and the people you want to impress the most – the late arrivals, we’re guessing – will get there when the party is in full swing. To build a buzz, use Fatsoma’s promotional features. Users can chat, share details of your event, and send invitations before it starts.

4. Give your home a Glasto makeover

People either love or hate costumes. So when you push a theme for the party, try limiting it to the flat itself. Festivals like Glasto go over the top with decorations and cool light effects, so take inspiration from the great party throwers.

The deeper you go, the better – experiment with special cocktails and soundtracks to mark that area out from the rest. Use coloured fairy lights for a space-age theme with blackout curtains, or green party streamers for a jungle vibe. This could link to an event you’re pre-drinking for: a club night with its own similar mood or aesthetic.

5. Form chill-out rooms where they’re needed

Everyone has to have to some downtime. If there isn’t anywhere for guests to relax, smoke, get snacks or escape the music to chat, then they’re likely to raid other rooms in the house. That could be a big problem…

Better to build a few rest or social spots – with floor cushions, fairy lights and all the essentials – to keep people happy. It’s still worth locking doors that are off-limits, but if you create a cool chill-out area, your arrivals have less of an excuse to wander.

Follow these tips and your new flat will be off to a flying start… Do you have any housewarming hacks to share? Head to our social channels (Instagram, Twitter or Facebook) and let them loose.