Festival Tickets Sold Out? 5 Ways To Make It Happen

We’ve all been there, finger hovering over the refresh button, eyes ringed with a lack of sleep… Hoping against hope that our go-to festival hasn’t sold out.

Luck isn’t always on our side. But missing out on a ticket doesn’t mean you should give up. There are plenty of ways to make it happen if you put your mind to it.

How, exactly? Here are five creative ways to get in anyway.

1. Hit up a resale website

Every festival enthusiast should have a decent Plan B on their hands. Beware the bad touts, though. Resale sites (that offer all the boring but necessary stuff like guarantees and consumer protections) are the wise place to head. Resellers might ask for more than the original ticket price, but if you’re desperate to go and you can afford it, that’s a worthy sacrifice.


2. Poison your ticket-holding mate

Reached a dead end with resale sites? You could always form a plot to get a ticket from someone you know. It’s not quite murder, but it is enough to revive your festival dreams.

Put a drop of poison in your friend’s tea, water or beer, a couple of days before they’re due to go. They’ll be bed-bound, coughing, whilst you play the loving carer. “Shame about that festival,” you mutter as you pass them a tissue. “Yeah,” they’ll say, seeing nothing but honesty in your eyes. “You know what – you’ve been so good to me, it’s only fair that . . .” And you wait for them to finish the sentence, just to be sure, before bolting out of the room. Tell them you’ll Snapchat the whole thing.


3. Be a good Samaritan

Of course, it’s not just bad deeds that get you into festival heaven. You know the people collecting tickets, refilling water, providing first aid support and picking up festival rubbish? They’re a silent army – the people who come for free, but make sure the place isn’t a hellhole.

You can join them too. Chances are that a charity – Oxfam, St John’s Ambulance, WaterAid and Shelter to name a few – is recruiting for the weekend. Get in touch, be bold, and practise your best ‘It’s over there!’ gesture for confused festivalgoers.


4. Become a groupie

Whilst volunteering is all well and good, you may be less than keen to pick up fag ends for three hours. Rather hang with the band or smile dazedly a foot from the DJ? Get your groupie game on.

Start mixing in the right circles, laughing at all the right jokes until a guitarist beckons you on tour. Use them shamelessly. Hang out, call them, but most importantly, bag those V.I.P tickets. It’ll take a while and a lot of schmoozing, but that totally pays off when Stormzy’s asking you for W.C directions.  


5. Parachute silently behind the main stage

No one will see this coming. And if they do, no one will believe them, because you’ll be as stealthy as a kestrel. Plot your night-time descent to the exact millimetre. Wear a black morph suit. You will be a shadow on the wind, a festival ninja. Then, when you’re safely behind Stage 1, tuck the parachute under some rigging, change into regular clothes, and walk out whistling. Or join the media crew if you want – they’ll be wearing all-black anyway!

The other option, of course, is to see what hasn’t sold out. We have a ton of awesome picks on Fatsoma. Just head to our Discover page, tick the ‘festival’ filter, and get browsing. Maybe leave the poison at home too…