Gianluca Vacchi Proves You’re Never Too Old To DJ

Age is just a number. For Gianluca Vacchi, that number is worth millions.

He’s been described as the “silver fox of Instagram” and, at 51 years old, he could coast by on internet fame. But he isn’t. Instead, Gianluca is DJing for the first time in his life. And he’s doing it seriously, with an eye on superstardom…

It’s a recent manoeuvre that proves anyone can take to the decks. Think life has passed you by? The reality is quite different, if you choose it to be. Gianluca may have much more freedom than most of us. Yet age could’ve held him back. It didn’t.

So if you’ve ever wanted to DJ too, there’s always time. Here’s how Gianluca came around to the idea…

A life after luxury

Gianluca Vacchi has never been short of cash or confidence. After studying economics and a brief stint as a professional skier, he inherited the family business (IMA) at only 25. For the next two decades, he flew under the radar as a tech investor, buying and restructuring companies with his cousin.

It’s fair to say Gianluca cashed in. He was able to retire at 45, date a Miss Universe and make the most of his helicopter pilot’s licence.

Clearly, Gianluca started with a winning hand. But he’s not rested on his laurels – especially in retirement. In 2016, Gianluca and his then-partner, an Italian model, videoed themselves shaking hips to Ricky Martin. We don’t often see a ‘mature’ guy cutting loose or flexing his abs in the sun. The video went viral on Insta.

Today, he has over 11 million followers. As he put it to Business Insider: “You can do serious stuff even if you have an ironic or funny take on life. I do it spontaneously. If I listen to music, it’s just natural to me – wherever I am, whoever I’m with.”

And it’s music that’s become Gianluca’s defining passion today. Now, he’s set on being a world-class DJ.

Why he’s never felt richer than on the dancefloor  

In an interview to FaceCulture, Mr. Vacchi explained how dance music is in his DNA:

“Music was always important […] It’s like when you know so many things in life, but you haven’t studied a lot. You study, you have culture – but if you’re not flexible, culture doesn’t mean anything […] I was watching [these DJs] and I was so interested about the kind of music. But that’s secondary for me, because the most important thing is the vibe […] 88%, more or less, of the people who follow me are between 18 and 45 years old. What I think – what I see – is that young people […] need someone to identify with […] I want to show myself without any filter, without any mask.”

He wants us to change, hope and dream about what’s possible. For Gianluca, nothing encapsulates this better than a floor filled with ravers, whose bodies say more than words – they are living to the max.

Perhaps that’s why he’s taking DJing seriously. He’s called it his “second life” and practises in his own home venue. His debut track, ‘Viento’, hits a Latin groove that’s resulted in club bookings around the world. “I don’t want to exaggerate,” he says of Latin music, “but I could say it’s the new hip hop […] You cannot stand still when you listen to it.” Soon enough, Gianluca appeared in the video for ‘Mi Gente’, collaborating with reggaetón singer J Balvin. Connections spread as his reputation grew for high-octane Latino music.

His second single, ‘Trump It’, was released in February 2018 on Spinnin’ Records. It’s textbook EDM energy, with a warbling bassline and sharp blasts of brass on the hook. At the time of writing, this track has garnered more than 36 million views. It earned him a summer residency at club Amnesia in Ibiza, where Latin stars lined up on the opening night.

Maturing in music

With more studio releases and a US tour coming up this year, Gianluca is an inspiration we can’t help but love. The back half of 2018 landed him a record contract with Universal Music’s Latin entertainment division. After a successful Vegas stint, he’s heading there again in May 2019, playing to a packed audience and likely removing his shirt for the occasion.

You can spin dance music into your own career, too, with our advice. Then, who knows what might happen? You could be on a yacht, or in front of a thousand-strong crowd, playing all your favourite tracks.