Not Drinking? Here’s How To Live Your Best Freshers

It’s coming. In a blink, it’ll be here – Freshers straps you into a rocket aimed squarely at uni hedonism.

But do you have to drink? Of course not. You may prefer to cruise through sober (or almost sober), making mates as you go.

Peer pressure during Freshers week is like the weird smell at the uni library – it never really goes away. But if you want to skip the beer and stay sober, you should. No one can bring you down.

So let Fatsoma equip you to live your best Freshers, feeling fresh.

Become a morning person

Having a clear head is great for socialising. If you hit a good sleep pattern, you’ll be more charming and energised – more like yourself, in other words. And that means you can find things to do in the day; the stuff that 4am-finishers will envy.  

At the start, the streets might be a little empty before midday. Campus will look less like a Mad Max scene and more like a secret world made especially for people like you. Take it in your stride and remember that not everyone is down for back-to-back clubbing. Soon enough, you’ll find like-minded undergrads at things like societies and café meetups.

Arm yourself with some comebacks

Someone may try to call you out for not drinking. But it’s their loss, because you can throw a witticism back and own them in public.

If they say, “Why don’t you lighten up and have some vodka?”, you say: “I wouldn’t want to lighten up that much – your face looks pinker than my grandma’s Christmas decorations.”

Or if they ask what you want at the bar (“Double orange juice, extra boring?”), you just reply: “No thanks, but I’ll have some good jokes if you’ve got them.”

Give your mates challenges on nights out

The best thing about being sober in a roomful of drunk people is that they’ll do anything you dare them to. Lack of inhibition means lack of self-awareness. It also means you can watch them try, fail and give you all something to crease over the next day.

“Hey, I bet you can’t order a drink entirely in made-up Russian…”

“That guy over there thinks he’s too slick – ask him for a dance-off!”

“Let’s do a lip sync battle… What song? Oh, anything by Megan Thee Stallion, I’m easy.”

Cue their good attempts but even more beautiful disasters. You can keep a tally of success or screw-ups and tell them over cold pizza in the morning. It’s something for your Snapchat feed, at the very least.

Research the best places to party

It’s easy to find yourself at a packed SU, or dives with traffic light parties and free shots, only to never visit them again come October. Freshers often herds students into the same bars, clubs and deals until they’re 100% sick of it.

So avoid the clichés. Search for quality music and Freshers events – the kind that won’t wear out like your wristband. Research the city before you arrive, and find the weirder, cooler places that make you a bit of a trendsetter – whilst everyone else is vying for apple sours on a sticky dance floor.

You can even use Fatsoma to scope out these places well in advance. We’ve got dozens of event listings for first years who’re after something different.

At Fatsoma, we’re all about doing things your way. Never compromise. Have fun and fire up your sober side – the two aren’t opposed to each other. Let us know the sober tactics you come across as you're walking in a straight line during Freshers, when everyone else is wavering.